5 Tips to Help You De-stress at the Office

5 Tips to Help You De-stress at the Office

Every job carries a certain level of stress. Although a little bit of stress can help keep you energized and motivated, a lot of it can even make you sick. If you want to make the most of your work day, stress management is the answer! Incorporating a few techniques into your day is a sure-fire way to help you step back and relax while at the office. Different style of office like loghouse would be good to get relaxed.

According to a recent report from NIOSH, 25% of people view their jobs as the number one stressor in their lives. If you consider this statement to be true in your case, then take a look at these strategies that’ll help you unwind in the office , making those work days that much more enjoyable:

1. Mobile Games: downloading a few games on your smartphone or tablet is a great way to have fun when you want to have a breather. There are thousands of options in the Google Play Store from puzzles, to mystery, adventure, action, among many others – there’s something for everyone! Games are great ways to get your mind off your work, if only for a few minutes!

While you’re at it, don’t forget to install apps on your mobile device that are compatible with your business phone system (like a personal favorite, the robust Avaya IP Office). VoIP apps compliment phone systems and business phones, facilitating communication in the office and giving you peace of mind. These apps can be a lifesaver and a stress reliever when it comes to keeping everything organized while you take off a couple of minutes to beat a level in Angry Birds in the office.

2. Stretch and Move Around: get up off your feet! Take a walk to the cooler, have a chat with a coworker, grab a cup of coffee, stand up between phone calls. These activities allow your body to use different muscles and release any built-up tension.

3. Organize Your Workspace: not only do neat things look better, but having an organized desk is sure to loosen you up. If your desk looks like a war portrait, tensions are sure to grow. A clean, organized workspace allows you to know where everything is – making sure you find that report you need right when you need it, and keeping the chaos at bay.

4. Listen to Music: music is soothing to the soul. If your job allows it, listen to calming music at your work site. Classical music is a favorite! If you don’t want to take too long deciding what to choose, try a favorite radio station.

5. Create a Visually Pleasant Space: give your mind a break with pictures of your family, artwork, or even a plant. Regularly, make sure to look away from the computer and focus on other objects to also give your eyes a break! Also, make sure to have proper illumination to make your space more pleasant to work in, resulting in reduced stress levels.


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