Boost Your IDM Downloading Speed Using IDM OPTIMIZER

IDM is abbreviation of internet download manager, At this time idm is the best and the most popular download manager as compared to the other download managers such as orbit, dap and others, 

 So last night i found a speed optimizer for internet download manager, it’s just a small utility to boost your internet download speed in internet download manager (idm),
Is not a speed hack or any other blackhat software its just install some registry tweaks, connection speed and max connection numbers, 

 so for optimizing/boosting your download speed you have to follow some steps

  1. download IDM optimizer from here 
  2. Now check idm is installed correctly in your pc or not, if not then install or if yes then skip this step
  3. Now install idm optimizer and open it
  4. you will see two buttons 1. maximize now 2. restore default
  5. click on maximize now
  6. restart pc and check speed
I tested this on my 1mbps internet connection and my downloading speed was increased to 4mbps