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most popular pc games

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Gaming is the most popular thing for entertainment, Most of peoples play games just for entertainment and just for timepass,
But, Some gamers are playing games not for entertainment but gamings is the life for them, they play games even day and night non stop, This is very hard to find out the best games due to a huge variety of games in the gaming world, So there are some most popular pc games for you, read more

how to run games on emulators

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Recently we were discussed about emulators that what the work of emulator and how they help us in gamings, now the topic is how to play games on emulator, an emulator is a simple software can run the application or a game of other operating system,
for example a playstation 3 game which is unable to run on mac or pc so we use emulator of playstation 3 to run the game in windows, some of games can’t run on your operating system so that we install emulator then open the game file from the emulator and play the file on your desired operating system through emulators, it is very easy to use and very easy to run a game, read more

Farmville is growing more and more

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Farmville is a facebook game, Not only a facebook game but the most popular facebook game, in farmville the player have to build farm,grow plants and more, The players of farmville are called ” farmers”, There are alot of facebook games like cityville,footy,and castleville but most of peoples playing farmville on facebook, According to a survey most of peoples spend 8 hours daily on facebook farmville and increasing more and more, Farmville is developed by zynga in 2009.

how to play Playstation 2 games on PC (computer)

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Friends Today i’m gonna teach you how to play Playstation 2 games on PC (computer), Recently i was posted about the emulators, we can play any ps2 game on pc using ps2 emulator, we have to download

 that software name pcxs2 a playstation 2 emulator and then download the game of playstation 2 and convert it to .Iso using  read more

Microsoft says NO NEW XBOX IN 2012

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Microsoft says NO NEW XBOX IN 2012

Microsoft is not releasing new xbox in the year of 2012 said by the microsoft’s french marketer that  was recently said that microsoft is not completing with nitendo and wii this year,
“What is certain is that there will be nothing new in 2012,” Microsoft’s Cedrick Delmas told the website (via Google Translate). Previous speculation pointed to Microsoft releasing a new console as early as this holiday.”
This is very bad news but they are going to announce new xbox on the next valentines day, 
read more


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Hello! Friends its Not difficult to make your own game, To make your own (Professional) game first of all you have to learn some programming languages
but now we are talking about just game, Your own game like Chess,tennis,Minesweeper and other simple games,For this just simples skills required like text writing,image designing and other simples,you just need to learn game maker to create your own game,
so here’s the tutorial to create your own game :
read more

Games similar to Prince of persia

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Friends today we will talk about the games similar to prince of persia,most of peoples like prince of persia and they have played atleast two times and now get bored from one game, So this post is for those peoples who bored from prince of persia and now searching for the games similar to prince of persia or something like prince of persia,prince of persia is the best action adventure game and second person camera game,
so there is a list of those games similar to prince of persia read more

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Many gamers choose to run XP on their =&0=&, as its one of the =&1=& out on the market. However, because it’s so dated, many people are finding that XP cannot play your latest games fast or smoothly. Here’s how to get round that and play all the latest games on XP. Windows XP is widely known for being reliable, effective and versatile. However, one this that it is not good at is keeping up with the latest advances in technology. And this typically means that if you have an XP PC, it could struggle to play the latest games. The problem is all down to the way XP reads the settings and files that all games need. Because it’s so old (it was released in 2001), XP has an outdated system structure, which takes much longer to fetch settings for your software than the later versions of Windows. And because all the latest games need 100’s of settings to run, this antiquated system makes your PC play games much slower than if you use Vista or Windows 7. The problem with XP is a lot like having a highway that’s full of traffic. Each time you want to play a game, XP has to load up 100’s of files to help that game recall all your settings and play the way you need it to. But with XP, getting these settings can take a lot of time, which slows down your computer & game to a crawl (like having a traffic jam on your system). This is a problem that is present on every XP PX and is amplified when you play a game that needs a lot of settings to help it run. Also, the problem gets much worse when a lot of the settings on your PC become damaged and unreadable – further slowing down your game play.

To fix this problem, you need to make sure that XP can read all the files & settings that it needs in the fastest time possible. To do this, you can use a ‘registry cleaner’ tool to scan through your system and fix any of the problems that are causing it to run slow. These are software programs which basically make your XP settings all clean, allowing it to read them as fast as possible. This will not only speed up your games dramatically, but it will also give your other software a boost in speed as well. read more