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Max payne 3 latest video revealed

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Rockstar released the video of max payne 3 design and technology series, Rockstar is taking up visual effect’s and cinamatic effect’s in this game Max payne 3
This video clearly shows that rockstar have increased the quality of graphic’s as well as visual and cinematic effect’s
As always Max will be narrating cinematics and there will be plenty of flashbacks to drag players through his chequered past. Expect plenty of booze and brooding.  read more

Need For Speed Most wanted free download

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Need For Speed Most wanted is a ninteenth installment of need for speed series, Need For Speed Most wanted is a racing video game was released on 15 november for pc, The game is developed by EA canada and published by Electronics arts, The game features are oriented with the street racing video game and some customization options from the game ” nfs underground “
Need for speed most wanted was released on gameboy advance, psp, xbox 360, ps2 and pc and this is the first need for speed game for the 7th generation consoles, So in gaming news [ tvog ] you can download need for speed most wanted free, The game need for speed most wanted free download for pc read more

Simcity 5 Announced With Trailer

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Simcity is a popular 3d game of these years but today Ea and maxis just announced that Simcity 5 is going to release on 2013 for pc, The game is driven by maxis’ new engine and glassbox,
Simcity 5 is described as ” a true rebirth of the franchise that brings the depth of simulation that has been the series hallmark for more than two decades and marries it with next generation accessibility and a robust multiplayer mode, giving players the power to change a world together
In simcity 5 players will address real world challenges and the research for renewable resources and all the natural disasters, It’s all depend on player to how they work to shape the world, Lucky Bradshaw said on announcement : we would like to thanks the millions of fans who helped us to make simcity synonymous with city building genre,
so here’s the trailer of simcity 5
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The Last story Game

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The Last story is a role playing game, But haven’t released yet, The last story game is going to release on 19 june 2012, The developer of this game is mistwalker and the publisher is xseed games,

In editors choice The last story is rated 9.0, ESRB haven’t declared its description yet, The last story is a roleplaying game taht’s as rich and emotionally effecting best in the last story. read more

Prototype 2 – The First Preview

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Prototype 2 is a Action game by activism, Prototype haven’t released yet but going to release soon in 2012,
The releasing date of prototype 2 is 24 april 2012, Prototype is the sequel to the radical entertainment action and adventure game prototype,
 The prototype 2 have developed by radical entertainment and according to the ESRB prototype is not suitable for teenagers but to matures, When the prototype released we will provide free download prototype for pc,
so esrb is rated this game (18+) and this game contains sexual themes, drugs reference and strong language which is not suitable for teenagers,
here’s the trailer of prototype 2
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Wii U – The 8th Generation Gaming Console

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Wii U is an 8th generation upcoming gaming console By nitendo, Wii U is the =&0=&, Wii U has not released yet but the expected=&1=& on north america, japan and europe is the holiday session of the year 2012,  This is the first console of nitendo to produce high definition 1080p (HD) graphics, Wii U is the touchscreen gaming console which allows users to play game when even the television is off,  Wii U has alot of new features as compared to wii the previous version, Some of the new features in the wii U are below
  •  Wii remote
  • Wii motionplus
  • Wii balance board

Wii Remote 

    wii remote is the the feature of wii U, its also know as Wiimote, Its a controller of nitendo’s wii and the main feature of wii remote is motion sensing capability, Wii remote allows user to manipulate item on touchscreen by the way of gestures recognition. =&2=&     wii motionplus is attached to the wii remote, its an expansion device which allows user to capture complex motion more securely and more accurately,  =&3=& =&4=&

Super meat boy for mobile

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Super meat boy is a action game was released on 10 october 2011, After releasing super meat boy for pc and mac the developers of super meat boy making it on mobile platform, the game will be developed for mobile devices just touch mobile devices, they don’t said that in which mobile platform they will developed but we can say they will develop super meat boy on android touch devices,


Super meat boy for mobile

How to run game fast ?

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hello! friends in my this post in GAMING NEWS [ TVOG ] I will tell You How to run game fast in Your pc Or how to run high system requirments game on low system specifications, Actually This is not a hack or a trick but these are some tricks to get games faster and run smoothly on your pc, First of all try to reach the system requirments of that game which you want to play, remove un-useable softwares from your pc, When you play game try to turn your antivirus off,
Don’t minimize programs softwares and other files when you play game or even don’t play windows media player during game,
So when you follow these things i told you you will never get your game slow and hang, its not a trick or not a hack just tips,
And the last thing ” always install latest directx” 
If you have any problem in gamings, Any question, Any suggestion or any news then submit news at : read more

Grand theft Auto San Andreas Mod Turbo

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 Grand theft Auto San Andreas Mod Turbo Xp is not released by Rockstar games but this is the Gta san andreas but the peoples have changed some tactic’s cars places and more thinhs in it.. The story of Grand theft Auto San Andreas Mod Turbo Xp is very diffrent then grand theft auto san andreas,
“After Five years Carl jhonson escape from los santos, San andreas A city tearing itself from gang troubles, Corruption and drug’s.  Million of filmstars avoiding theirself from dealers and gangbangers,
    Now it is 90’s, Carl jhonson goto his home, He see his mother has been mudered by someone, His family is fallen a part of his childhood friends all of them are heading towards disaster,
When he return to the neighbour’s a couple of cops fram him from homicide, Cj takes him to San andreas to save his family and take control of streets.”
The System Requirments of Grand theft Auto San Andreas Mod Turbo Xp are :
Operating system: windows xp service pack 3, Windows vista or windows 7
Processor: Intel Core 2 duo processor with a clock speed of 1.8 ghz or amd athlon with a speed of 2.4 ghz
Ram: 1.5 GB in windows xp, 2 GB in windows vista and windows 7
Video card/ 3d card: 256 mb and 3.0 pixel shaders. read more