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Assassin’s creed 3 latest screenshots leaked

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recently some assassin’s creed 3 screenshots were leaked my a website ” gameinformer ” but today more then 5 more screenshots leaked, In the latest screenshots of assassin’s creed 3 new characters, places and weapons are shown, 

According to the mag,  boston, the establishing of conventional activities such as the Birkenstock boston Tea Celebration, the Birkenstock boston Massacre and various sieges with the phrase ‘Boston’ in them, will be one of two significant places that gamers will be able to skulk their way around in AC3.
Since the town has a numerous quantity of high structures, chapels and docks, this is where the conventional building-scaling acrobatics and steps of trust will take position.

New You are able to, presumably the other big explorable town in AC3, can be seen in the pictures below following the Excellent Flame of New You are able to. The conditions of this harmful event still stay a secret, could the Assassin’s have been engaged somehow? Probably.

Ubisoft Montreal is thinking about looking at the combat of the United states Trend – as indicated by information on its new AnvilNext motor – but will process Connor, the primary personality of AC3, with additional objectives.

As proven in the first movie trailer, and outlined in our Assassin’s Creed 3 dissected, ‘tree-running’ (see what we did there?) will be a big aspect of the overall activity since gamers will be able to discover Our country’s ‘vast wilderness’.

AC3 will have a periodic pattern which – along with the apparent visible changes – will effect activity play too. Opponents and NPCs will act diversely during the cold months months season and freezing consistently of drinking water will provide Connor new tips on how to get around and search down his food.

Much like the Ezio’s move from youthful French whippersnapper to amorously pushed killer in AC2, gamers will take management of Connor in various levels of his lifestyle. Ubisoft’s idea picture reveals the half-English, half-Native United states before he connects the Assassin purchase.

As you’ve probably thought by now, essential conventional results like Ben Franklin, Henry California and Charles Lee will also create an looks and it seems like Connor will be getting them consistently. read more

Silent hill Downpour Gameplay HD

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Recently Silent hill downpour was released and we given a free link to downlaod silent hill downpour today we found the gameplay of silent hill downlpour, Silent hill downpour is the latest fighting and horror game from konami,

 “Sometimes fantastic to look at but always unremarkable to perform, Rain storm does not have the sensors to be either excellent or dreadful. The sequence needs reinventing – fast” Take a look at the =&1=&

How to Fix corrupted Batman Arkham city saves

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Hi guyz today i am gonna post about the batman arkham city, There is a error in batman arkham city, Batman arkham city corrupt game saves files, Most of gamers have been the victim of this, It corrupts save game files without warning and make them unsable

 =&1=& =&0=&

   Today rocksteady released the patch for fixing batman arkham city saves files, Through this game we can restore our game files within some time, The patch is not only for this issue but there are some other issues which the patch can fix: read more

New iPad Sells 3 million

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The apple company has moved more than three thousand systems of the new iPad since its launch last Exclusive.

Philip Schiller, the company’s mature v. p. of globally marketing, said the third creation product experienced the best release in iPad history.
The new iPad is a smash hit with three thousand marketed – the most effective iPad release yet,” he mentioned.

“Customers are nurturing the amazing new features of iPad, such as the gorgeous Retina screen, and we can’t delay to get it into the hands of even more clients around the world this Exclusive.”

The new iPad published last week in the US, Sydney, North america, Portugal, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Asia, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Europe, UK and the US Virgin mobile Destinations, and will be available in 24 more nations from this Exclusive such as Norwegian, The country, Location, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Portugal, Hungary, Iceland, Eire, Tuscany, Liechtenstein, Norwegian, Macau, South america, The Holland, New Zealand, Norwegian, Belgium, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, The country and Norwegian. read more

PS Vita Game Dungeon Hunter Alliance review

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It’s not Dungeon Hunter’s wrong doing. Not all PS Vita game titles were high quality, and Sony’s release line-up of stunners and stinkers indicates the poor quality get missing in the mix up.
To its credit score, this has a awesome range in dungeon-crawling and loot-collecting, recurring to most but at least there’s an viewers. read more

Ninja Gaiden 3 Review

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Completing a Ninja Gaiden activity was a vicious analyze of ability. Infamously unforgiving and dry, past versions were satisfied to conquer you to the earth right at the begin and proceed beating away until you offered up shouting like a child, or, after a torrid few several days, accomplished them almost out of revenge or bloody-minded persistence. Until now. read more

GTA 5 Leaked

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Gta V also known as grand theft auto V is leaked and now available to download but it’s not released by rockstar officially but someone stoled this game, The developer and publisher of GTA V is rockstar games and the seventh series of grand theft auto, 
you can download free Gta v for pc,Here’s the link to free downlaod gta v  read more

Top 10 Impressive PC games

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Today we talk about the top 10 impressive pc games not even talk but we also give a link to download them free, Now a day’s other consoles like wii-u , xbox 360, playstaion 3, are more powerful then pc to play games, 
But recently i just looked some impressive pc games and i thought to share them with you, your comments will show what you thought about my article,
So here’s the list of top 10 impressive pc games i hope you like them,

1. Garry’s Mod
After using the hald life’s source engine as a base of garry mod, now garry mod is offering endless prospective when it comes to doing just about anything that would be regarded absurd, absurd or fun.
The sand box function here truly is start and no cost. It allows gamers to wrap up a map and do very much anything they want in it. Spawn some automobiles and have a race; or maybe build your own vehicle out of an overgrown water melons, tires and explode pills.
     Perhaps you could spawn some figures from Half-Life 2 such as a Incorporate enthusiast and a cool dude and have them deal with to the death; or you could spawn 20 Incorporate defense force against one cool dude and see if he or she endures. It’s even possible to spawn several number of rebels and Incorporate and have them go to war. read more

Pro Evolution Soccer

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Pro evolution soccer is also know as ” World soccer : Winning eleven 5 ” in Asia and North America) is the first payment of Konami’s Pro Progress Sports baseball gaming sequence that was launched on August 30, 2001 in European countries.
Player animated graphics (compared to past editions such as ISS2 Pro Evolution) have been enhanced. The arenas and packed areas of people have been modified for included authenticity. Some elements such as flare, arena dark areas and multi-tired arenas made their first looks in the sequence.
    Goalies are much more intelligent, actually keeping headers on celebration and not allowing in quite as many howlers as previous versions in the sequence. With regards to capturing and moving, little seems to have modified. Lobbed injections can still be conducted by either double-tapping take or pushing L1 along with the take option. Gamers run even more wisely off the tennis ball than before, and the tennis ball itself seems to respond more unexpectedly than ever—rolling through players’ feet, ricocheting off defenders, and even sometimes returned positively (some would say luckily) for a gamer.
      Credit reviewing is no simple matter, demanding equivalent amounts of technique, preparing, and expertise. Getting thoughtlessly toward an opponents objective area will usually outcome in the gamer being dispossessed. Brilliant moving, personal expertise, and a little touching of miracle are the substances for achievements, making the act of reviewing a truly pleasant time instead of a schedule procedure. Smoking a 30-yard reach home is just as rewarding as a well-worked perform, as are the many other techniques of reviewing, be they skilful operates through the midfield or lucky deflections off a opponent.
   Support for up to eight gamers created this a celebration preferred among activities lovers. As has become traditional over the last few decades, Pro Evolution soccer doesn’t provide anything extremely different from its forerunners.
pro evolution soccer is developed by Konami comuters and published by konami, Initially pro evolution soccer was released for playstation 2 but now pro evolution soccer is availble in playstation 3, pc, xbox 360, wii, andriod and other gaming consoles, konami , The developer and publisher of pro evolution soccer became the best competetor of EA sport’s an another award winning virtual sports game company,  read more

Game of Thrones trailer is showing the combat system

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Today the trailer of Game of thrones released and in the trailer the game of thrones showing off the combat system in trailer
Game of thrones is a HBO tv program which is going to release a game ” game of thrones ” , The game is under development at french studio cyanide and currently decided to release on 15 may 2012 for pc, playstation 3 and
xbox 360
here’s the trailer of game of thrones read more