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Facebook introduced High Resolution Picture viewer

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After timeline and other changes in facebook now facebook introduced a new feature for pictures, we can magnify picture upto four times larger then the real one, Now we can upload photos and view them in Fullscreen mode or in high resolution, let’s see how it looks =&0=& Recently i uploaded this picture on my facebook profile but it is looking low resolution picture due to the picture viewer, but in new facebook picture viewer we can view it on high resolution, on the top right of the picture you can see the double arrow icon, that’s the button for full screen view, when you press it it looks like this =&1=& After clicking that arrow button it magnify and view it into fullscreen view, you can see in the picture above, by this we can even magnify the picture into four times larger then the previous one, Be first of your friends to share!

Nokia Lumia 800 battery life Improved

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Nokia Lumia 800 has been launched 4 months ago, But due to it’s less battery life nokia lumia 800 was not appreciated and much criticized,
Nokia is announced that they will update the battery life on their next battery update and now nokia released the new battery for nokia lumia 800, According to the nokia the new battery is 3 times better then the previous one !
After alot of criticism nokia updated this mobile phone many times and a new feature updated is the quality of sound in nokia luminia 800 read more

Tomb raider 2012

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Tomb raider 2012 is an upcoming action video game and going to release on early 2012, Tomb raider  is published by square enix and developed by crystal dynamics,
Tomb raider is sheduled for microsoft windows, mac OS X ,xbox 360 and playstation 3 to release on the third quarter of 2012,
In game tomb raider the character ” lara croft ” Fresh from academy in search of lost relics, We don’t have any special weapon’s but we use anything , There are some places/locations are restricted for players to go there, We have to unlock these islands via our skills, read more

Create your own website with Yahoo domains

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Now you can make a cool website with yahoo domains, actually it is not free but a very cheap yahoo domains.domain is the name of website and some of domain registrar’s selling domain name at $20,
But in yahoo domain service you can register a domain on $10/year, its almost free, So in $10 you can buy just a name from yahoo domains. now you need a hosting service to host your domain name, you can also use a yahoo service “geocities” but their is a problem in a service that they will show ad’s on your website, so you have to buy hosting from anywhere, I advice to buy from yahoo domains they are selling 500 mb storage with 25 gb/month transer on just $4.5 its very cheap,
Now your website is just ready, make your webpage and upload it on your yahoo domains hosting read more

Indian manufacturers are selling cheap android mobiles

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Android is the latest and the most expensive mobile operating system, But in india most of manufacturers are selling android mobiles in cheap cost, by this everyone in india can afford android mobiles,
 A android mobile macromax with android a60 also 3g phone is the most cheapest mobile phone in india, there are few cheapest android mobiles in india read more

Wii U – The 8th Generation Gaming Console

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Wii U is an 8th generation upcoming gaming console By nitendo, Wii U is the =&0=&, Wii U has not released yet but the expected=&1=& on north america, japan and europe is the holiday session of the year 2012,  This is the first console of nitendo to produce high definition 1080p (HD) graphics, Wii U is the touchscreen gaming console which allows users to play game when even the television is off,  Wii U has alot of new features as compared to wii the previous version, Some of the new features in the wii U are below
  •  Wii remote
  • Wii motionplus
  • Wii balance board

Wii Remote 

    wii remote is the the feature of wii U, its also know as Wiimote, Its a controller of nitendo’s wii and the main feature of wii remote is motion sensing capability, Wii remote allows user to manipulate item on touchscreen by the way of gestures recognition. =&2=&     wii motionplus is attached to the wii remote, its an expansion device which allows user to capture complex motion more securely and more accurately,  =&3=& =&4=&

Apple Is Requesting US Government to Ban Samsung Galaxy Nexus

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Recently Apple Released its new version of Iphone, Alot of people bought it and a very high price device, Now a Mobile Company Samsung Released its new Mobile Samsung galaxy nexus, With alot of new features and more advance features then iphone,
 Apple is requesting to Us government to ban samsung galaxy nexus because its icecream sandwitch version of android operating system voilates our apple four patent, read more