Downloading. . .

On each morning gamers,professionals,office users and personal home users starts a race a race of using internet,But some of them didn’t sleep all night and serve internet and social network. And they will becuase every person have equal rights to serve internet positive but this is a different issue i will not talk on it.

I’am coming to my point,well internet is a thing which make a man life colourful and bright,and we great thankful to makers of it cuz its a great appreciate to them,And so without internet our life becomes dull and booring.Their are many ways to serve internet,u can share information,watch movies,facebooking,gaming and much more,And downloading big files,torrents,movies,portable,highly compressed rar’s
and from this we just making downloading server’s busy
and uploading servers are on relax.

But now here is a big issue comes which is that day by day our downloading increasing and our uploading starts decreasing.
And in coming years like after 10 to 20 years,Internet will become boor cuz their will be no new thing to see,download and share.
but to make this thing enjoyable and cool we need to upload more then downloading or make this on level.
So from this our new generation will enjoy cool and real internet.
THINK ABOUT IT, It’s really a great matter.