What are the factors that you should look for in a browser?


A web browser is the gateway to the internet for all. They have evolved from showing simple text to a very sophisticated form. Nowadays there are integrated chat applications through which you can rope in one of those black escorts and have a great time.

Standards Compliancy

The W3C lays down the rules as to how a website mark up should be. If browsers comply with those standards it is easy for website builders to ensure that the website that they build will appear the same on all browsers. This is essential as different people prefer different web browsers for different reasons just for the same reason people like their coffees made differently.

Some browsers follow standards, while some don’t. it depends on the developer of the browser too.

Customization and user interface

Gone are the days when users had to put up with the look and feel of the web browsers the way they are given by the vendor. Nowadays the looks can be customised according to different themes and colour settings. It is not the looks alone that matter.

Users have settings preferences like setting up their home page, setting up cookies, ease of manipulating what is restricted and what are not, history, bookmarking, and a lot more features. One prefers to do things themselves than seeking help. So, the options should be understandable to the end users and they should be able to alter it to their preferences.

The themes and sounds are expected to be up to date with the latest trends. Nowadays many people are contributing to themes.

Good choice of add on and plug in features

Compatibility with other software and the utilisation of their feature inside the web browser is essential as more of the internet has gone application oriented. There should also be some facilities and software that can enhance the features of the web browsers which have been developed for the convenience of some users but not all require it.

Speed of rendering a web page

Nowadays web pages have become so rich. They need to be rendered at high speeds to give the user competitive performance and not get the user to feel it is sluggish.  With Javascript ruling the roost, it is essential for the web browsers to process it soon and render the page fast.