HITMAN 2 Silent Assassin

Hitman 2 is a Second person shooter game. Published by Eidos Interactive. Hitman 2 is a mission based gameplay. Means we’re given missions to pass in this game. On every mission we get objectives to complete, As they are completed the mission is passed and after passing the mission we get ranks for how we have completed the mission. The Ranks are Mass Murderer, Professional , Psycho and etc. We get Mass Murderer for average performance in the mission, and Psycho for an outstanding performance and same as Professional for better then Mass Murderer.

Dual Ballers: Dual guns used as one weapon.

Anaesthetic: A Silenced weapon, used instead of killing.
Silenced SD pistol: Pistol with a Silencer, an easy way to kill enemies silently.
Fiber wire: A fibre rod tied on the neck for killing , cannot be dropped and is also not caught by metal detectors.

F1. Anathema
F2. St. Petersburg Stakeout
F3. Kirov Park Meeting
F4. Tubeway Torpedo
F5. Invitation to a Party
F6. Tracking Hayamoto
F7. Hidden Valley
F8. At The Gates
F9. Shogun Showdown
F10. Basement Killing
F11. The Graveyard Shift
F12. The Jacuzzi Job
F13. Murder at the Bazaar
F14. The Motorcade Interception
F15. Tunnel Rat
F16. Temple City Ambush
F17. The Death of Hannelore
F18. Terminal Hospitality
F19. St. Petersburg Revisited
F20. Redemption at Gontranno

One of the most interesting things in this game is we can use anyone’s clothes After killing him. Suppose we’re wearing anyone’s cloth. Then if we’ll get infront of others they will not recognize us. Theres a Meter thingy given in this game which helps us to know wether they have recognized or not. if it continues to go black, it means we’re safe of them but if it starts going Red then it means that they have recognized us.
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