How to Convert Video Cutscenes with Movavi Video Converter for Mac

How to Convert Video Cutscenes  with Movavi Video Converter for Mac

Sometimes, the video you record is not perfect and you want to remove some of the scenes to make it more professional. In order to remove a scene in the video, you need to split the section in a storyboard window. Removing movie scenes is made easy with Movavi Video Converter.

Movavi file converter for MAC is an easy to use video cutter that enables you to remove bad scenes from a video. You can also use Movavi Video Converter to convert it into video format you want. It can accurately remove scenes in the movie in PS TS formats which is recorded with camcorder.

To remove a bad scene from a video, you must first add your video by clicking the Add Media Files button. When the video is added, you must drag it to the movie time line. The Movavi file converter for MAC offers two options for creating cut scenes including video editor tools or Split Movie add on. To create a cut scene, you must use your mouse cursor to drag the red marker to the beginning of the clip you want to cut. After marking the beginning, you must move the red marker to the end of the section of video clip you want to cut. Finally, you must select Delete to remove the video clip you cut,

You can create a cut scene with the Split Movie feature in the Movavi file converter for MAC by selecting Multi Split in the media panel. A new window with a movie timeline will appear. You can use your mouse cursor to put the red marker at the beginning of the video clip segment you want to cut. After selecting the beginning, you must click on the Left Bracket. Next, you must put your cursor at the end of the video clip segment and click on the Right Bracket button. If yo select the wrong section, you can click on the select button to re-mark the scene you want to remove in the movie.

When you are done, click on OK and all other segments will be removed. The multi split feature in the file converter for MAC can also be used to clip off all unwanted video clip segments. To clip off unwanted video segments, you must select the Invert Scenes button. You can save the cut scenes you have edited by clicking on the Save Movie button and selecting Save as Video File. There are several formats you can save including AVI, MPEG, WMV, MP4, FLV, and MOV. It gives you the option of saving to a DVD. When it finished burning, your disc will be ejected.

Besides, you can share the video cut scene you created in file converter for MAC to video sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. You can save it as a 3D movie. You can also convert it into a format that is compatible with mobile phone and tablet.

Overall, Movavi file converter for MAC is an affordable that lets you remove the unwanted scenes in your movie without requiring you to re-encode it. The interface is user friendly and you can easily learn how to use it within is few minutes.