How Marketing Calendar can Help Your Business

Every aspect of business needs planning, most especially the marketing department of a company. Small firms that are just starting out their business obviously needs to draw out their plans on how they can compete with larger firms; this is the reason why there is a need for you to take a page for your marketing calendar.


What is marketing calendar?

Just as its name sounds, a marketing calendar is the drawings of your plans that will cover your marketing activities on a monthly basis. Marketing calendar reminds you of how and when next you need to update your customers about your service and how make you can make new ones. The more you promote your company, the more people are curious about it. More so, in other of us not miss the actual time we need to carry out our marketing plans, we need marketing calendar software.


Marketing Calendar Software

Most modern marketing departments both small and big companies now understands the importance of using a marketing software that will help remind them of what to do and at the same time delivers emails automatically. However, we also need to understand that there is a difference between the marketing calendar apps we use in planning our day and the robust requirements of enterprise marketing calendar software.


Reasons why you need marketing calendar software.

  1. Version Management: All companies face similar problems with their marketing departments. The issue of how to continually email out new versions of their marketing calendar is always addressed easily with the use of managing calendar software. However, they were able to face out the problem with placing a schedule on the shared drive in a document management system. Although, sharing a Drive only helps your marketing plans to a certain level and eventually becomes wider than what the management can handle. But with the help of marketing calendar software, issues like this are quickly addressed because it is a real-time marketing calendar, eliminating problems of versioning and access.


  1. Merging tasks on multiple calendars: as the company continues to grow the marketing department will be facing more tasks and as a result a marketing planner will be needed to consolidate all available information into a single calendar view that will reflect their marketing strategy and initiatives across the business. Good marketing software needs to be employed to help in formatting and organizing contents into final presentable plans for the senior, executive and the marketing team at large. Marketing calendar software helps every marketing department manage their marketing plans and also set up restrictions where necessary.


  1. MULTI-DIMENSIONAL MARKETING PLAN: once an organization have more than one product to promote. Marketing them becomes hectic, and developing a marketing plan also becomes an issue as there are several other stakeholders working towards their own departments. However, there are times that the stakeholders in the company might be geographically dispersed and this can bring complications to their marketing plans and changes associated. With the use of marketing calendar software, every department will enter their marketing initiatives into the calendar and the software will automatically consolidate the information into a holistic plan.


  1. MULTI-REGION MARKETING PLAN: marketing plans requires regular updates, based on conditions within the market place. With marketing environments that operates multiple stake holders changing their marketing plans regularly, there is bound to be regular changes about how they approach their businesses. As this change comes up, it becomes challenging to determine who requested for a change and reason for the change. Marketing calendar software makes it easy to identify who ever tries to make a change and why the person is making such a decision on behalf of the company.


  1. ACCESS CONTROL: one of the most challenging tasks is to have a good marketing plan and being unable to only share some part of it to the management stakeholders has been a thing of discuss. Restrictions are one of the features of the marketing calendar software. Only the necessary portion of the marketing plan will be made available based on how necessary it is. If every portion of the marketing plan is necessary it can also be made visible depending on how the software is programmed.



Most well established companies or firms makes their plans right at the beginning of the year, they always make sure they draw out their marketing plans which helps them have the chance to draw their overall marketing strategies. As a firm you need to draw out your estimated marketing budget and know what you are able to spend for the whole year. The moment you are able to analyze how to market your business, you will not have the problem of when to enter the market and the best time to opt out of the market.


We all know that the use of marketing calendar software is essential, but in cases when we don’t have access to it or the firm is too small to use such facilities. Manually process can as well be a good option. Here are tips that fall within the manual way of how marketing calendar can help your business.


  1. CREATE A CALENDAR: Google and Microsoft have various online tools that are integrated with emails and other productivity softwares. These calendars will guide and help you to remember some of your activities especially the ones that are useful for regular email updates or blog posts.


  1. Map out your strategies in details: Planning yourself for larger and elaborate promotions takes some work. For example you need to plan ahead for holidays most especially if during the holidays is the peak period for your business. Your marketing plan will guide and update you on how to make regular adjustments for these peak periods.


With all the explanation available at our disposal on how to marketing calendar can help your business. The most effective method is the use of marketing calendar software. Although the manual process works too, the two systems can be combined together to get a desired result as well. Do not forget to learn from your results. The good results will encourage you to do more while the negative results will make you understand where you are lagging.