Things to Consider When Looking for Warehousing Software for your Business

Warehouse Management System has become an important part of every business. Choosing the right WMS helps to increase profit levels and customer satisfaction. WHS is a software application that acts as a centralized system which helps to administer different warehouse operations.

If the right WHS is not chosen then instead of increasing profits it can cause heavy losses. So what are the things to consider when you ar e looking for a good warehouse management software? We are here to help you with the answer.

Here are the 9 qualities you need to look for:-

1. User-friendly

This is the basic requirement when you look for any software, technology is used to make your work easier and not complex. Learning new technology becomes very difficult for the people who are not that much technology oriented like senior or aged warehouse workforce.

A good WHS  is easy to use and requires less time to be set up. This helps everyone in the warehouse to learn and master using it. Complex systems increase the learning time. New employees should be able to learn the working in some hours rather than taking weeks. Useful instructions should be mentioned so that the workers can use the WHS to the fullest.

2. Software Functionalities you need to look for

Every WHS provides various functionalities but there are some core functionalities you need to check whether they are present or not

Barcoding technologies – It should provide barcode scanner and barcode label printer
Inventory tracking – The software must effectively track all the stock levels present in the warehouse

Complete transaction management- Storing detailed information about the sales, employees, inventory helps to analyze better and thus steps to perform more efficiently.

  • Receiving – When any cargo is received the software must be able to generate a warehouse slip and proper labels related to it.
  • Put away – The software has to tell the warehouse worker the right location to place and store the cargo.
  • Pick & pack – In this, the system needs to check which pick up it uses the most and then find a system that supports it. There are various types of picking like full pallet picking, carrier picking, etc.
  • Shipping – Shipping related bills like invoices, list of packages should be generated by the software.
  • Reporting – Various reports related to inventory, costs, etc should be generated by the system.

3. Software should be available at various pricing models

Elasticity in pricing is essential for a good WHS. Many software vendors charge unnecessarily for every functionality offered by the system. Please do not invest such systems as they will turn out heavy on your pockets. WHS having flexible pricing models do not tie you to any contract, they charge according to the number of functions you use, or transactions performed, etc.

4. Good Data Management

Many a times business owners tend to forget to track data performance. Easy reports and charts should be created by good WHS  that helps you understand how things are going on in the warehouse.

5. Role of cost

Initial and final cost of every WHS is different. A lot of money goes into buying various services and subscriptions. The solution this that a number of cloud-based software are launched that need only Internet Connection to start their work. No money is required for the implementation and maintenance of the software, all that is managed by experts.

6. Customer support

Earlier customer support feature was not very common or important among WHS. But now companies want to earn a good name as it helps in their company’s growth. One bad review on the internet can jeopardize their company’s future. So a good WHS needs a good customer support that reverts back to your every problem and query you face related to the software.

Make sure to check if the customer service is present 24/7 or not? Do they charge or not? Customer service executives are well trained or not? All these things you need to clarify before you buy a WHS.

You can also ask them for customer references. That will help you to interact with people who have already invested in the software and understand how well it is working for them.


Lastly, invest in a software keeping long-term goals in mind. A WHS typically lasts 8-9 years. So don’t buy a software in haste, just thinking about short-term goals. No that is a big mistake!

Make good research in every type of WHS software, also keep track of the current and future trends of market and customers needs and invest according to that in a good WHS.
Please let us know if the post was helpful for you or not. And if you have any query or new ideas do mention in the comments.
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