Top gadgets to buy from London


London being the world’s famous technical hub is considered as the best place to buy various newly developed of gadgets. There is a good availability of technically advanced gadgets in the markets in London. There are also some online stores which sell advanced gadgets to all end users. Let us have a look what are the top gadgets that we can buy in London.

Mobile phone obviously is the first choice to buy

London is the best place to buy various types of mobile phones or smart phones for your day to day and travel need. Mobile phones are considered as the best gadgets as this is perhaps the best technology to use in emergencies. In the markets in London we can buy all types of smart phones and these we can easily use during our travel. Smart phones are in-built with vast memory storage and flash light.

Optical Lenses

People in London mostly use the gadget, “Optical Lenses”. London market is famous for its various ranges of stock of optical lenses. The rates these companies provide are reasonable rate of various lenses such as polarised, light cosmetic tints, graduated tint etc.  Here also companies offer various packages such as platinum, gold, silver and bronze packages which consist of bifurcation of rates. You can choose any of these as per your need and budget.

Wrist Watches

The people of London are very much fashionable and they prefer to wear wrist watches as per their dress codes. Hence we can see a big advancement in the wrist watch industry in London. Rolex, Omega and Patek Philippe are most famous brands of wrist watches in London. You can have best and fashionable wrist watches from Armour Winston Limited, Russell Taleman, Watch Club, DAvid Duggan Wathces in London at a reasonable rate.

Camera being one of the famous budget in London

Sony RX 1, Leica D’lux 6 aka Lumix LX 7, Fuji X100S, Nikon P7800, Canon S120 are some world famous brands in camera which are available in the London market at a reasonable rate. Lorrel Photographics, Camera World, Denton Photo Optics, MPB Photographic, Bristol Cameras are some well renowned shops in London. Apart from these all there are almost 100 shops available in London for having some great cameras.

LED, CFL light bulbs

People in London are very much cautions about electricity consumption and hence LED and CFL lights are very much used in London. Here in also a big market of all kinds of low power consumption lights. There are many shops available in London where you can buy various types of LED and CFL lights.

A brand new car

Audi, Volkswagen Polo,  Vauxhall Insignia, Volkswagen Golf,  BMW 3-Series, Vauxhall Corsa, Vauxhaull Astra, Ford Focus,  Ford Fiesta are the most favourable cars available in London. Best shops in London in cars are Hollywood Motors, Acura West, Autoprice Canada London, Bennet Auto Sales, Cedar auto of London, Drivetime are some best shops in London to buy cars here.