Ultimate gaming set ups for your lounge

Ultimate gaming set ups for your lounge

If you’re a video gamer, then you know how important it is to set up the best environment possible for gaming. You want the right space that allows you to concentrate but also feel comfortable when you’re playing.

Sometimes it’s hard to get your own space for gaming, but look at your options around the home for setting up that dedicated space and consider how you can make it work for you.

The noise factor

Games can be noisy, so you need to look at how you locate your lounge for gameplay. Ideally, it will be away from the main part of the home, but if that’s not possible, look into soundproofing options so that you limit the amount of disturbance to other household occupiers. Simple tricks like carpets on the floor and fabric on the walls can limit the amount of sound that travels.

The screen

Whichever console you use, you need a big screen – flat, of course. The size will depend on your budget and the size of your gaming room, but get the largest you can and position it on the main wall opposite the door – that means you won’t be distracted when someone enters the room and you’re in a crucial phase of play.

The tech

You’re going to have wires if you have a complex set up, so look into ducting or other cable solutions to tidy everything up and ensure that no one trips over a stray wire. If you’re going to multiplay,you can set up several screens onyour wall to give you the ultimate solution for your competitive gaming.

You should also consider your sound system. Surround sound will help you immerse yourself in your games, so sourcing the right speakers to add to your top quality screen will give you exactly what you want with the clarity of sound that adds that little bit extra to your gaming experience.

The space

As mentioned, you need to look at what is possible in your home. Even small spaces can work well for gaming, and you could decorate in many ways. Controlling the amount of light coming into your gaming room is an important factor, so look into managing your light levels so that you don’t damage your eyes if you’re having long gaming sessions.Functional window shutters are a good way for you to control the amount of light that comes in,and they can also cut out lens glare from your screen.

Look at darker colors for your décor – you want to become immersed in your games, and often those darker colors will help you forget your surroundings and instead concentrate on what’s going on behind the screen.

Have comfortable seating – a good sofa or armchair can make a real difference inhow you are able to concentrate on your play. Beanbags are another option, but hard-back chairs should be avoided.

Enjoying your play

Be comfortable, set up your gaming environment to suit you and get your tech specs right. Then the ultimate gaming space is yours.