What Visiting 2,000 Online Gambling Websites Taught Me

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Finding the right blogs for a campaign can be hard. You have to find the right blogs, the right authors, and webmasters, you have to find the right tone, the right price, and answer the same questions, often hundreds of times. When it comes to a campaign for an online gambling customer, things get even harder. Since Google is quite harsh on gambling links, and gambling content in general, many bloggers refuse to participate in such a campaign. Some of them do it in the rudest way possible. This doesn’t make your life as an outreach operative an easy one to live.

I was recently gathering potential partners for a campaign with Royal Vegas Online Casino. The Royal Vegas, as many others, relies both on affiliates and niche bloggers to promote its new games and services. As all other gaming venues of its kind, the Royal Vegas also has recurring specials and promotions, as well as fresh games added both to its desktop version and the Royal Vegas Mobile each month. It’s a legit, old and highly appreciated gaming venue – it has been around for over a decade. For this campaign, bloggers with the same niche seemed to be the best choice.

To find potential partners, I started with the obvious – an online meeting place gathering online gambling related webmasters from all over the world, with a list of over 2,000 web properties to explore. I went through the whole list – it took me quite a few days – and I reached a few conclusions that I didn’t like.

There are just a handful of serious online gambling blogs

The online gambling industry is massive. There are hundreds of gaming venues, tens of game developers, tens of jurisdictions, and a constantly changing legal framework. The developers are constantly pumping out fresh content, the operators are growing, contracting, selling, buying, and thinking out new promotions for their players. There is a constant flux of fresh content to cover, but there are only a handful of publications actively covering them – meaning that they are serious about their niche.

There are too many affiliate sites

The vast majority of websites related to online gambling are nothing but affiliate links and meaningless, cliché content. All of them say the same things over and over, with the sole purpose of getting people to register a new account using their affiliate code. These websites are constantly spamming the search results, sometimes suffocating legit websites that thrive to make a difference.

Besides, outsiders stumbling upon such an affiliate link collection can get the impression of a guaranteed win – which is bad for the reputation of the business as a whole.

What we need most is not another affiliate PBN, but more legit blogs covering the industry. Perhaps they could show people what online gambling is about: casual entertainment that happens to involve real money. And there’s nothing bad about it – if you’re doing it right.